Sunday, February 15, 2015

Fight Club on Snow - Part 3

Be sure to read Part #1 and Part #2.

So do our racing efforts line up with the movie themes listed earlier?  Decide for yourself:

- Racing provides a regular opportunity to participate in intense competition.  Preparing for racing (gym training, practice,etc.) and striving to be better each race gives an added focus to daily activities and SBX/SX athletes seem to have a certain passion for living that others may lack.
Close Competition Over the 1st Feature
- Not that skiing or snowboarding at a resort is boring, but riding over challenging man-made obstacles at high speed and fighting to cross the finish line first are things you can not experience outside the race course.  Most people’s reaction to riding through a course for the first time is “That was awesome, I want to go do that again!”  It is almost impossible to recreate those sensations and experience the emotions and overall challenge of racing through activities beyond the sport.  You’ve actually got to do it to know what it’s like.
You Did What on a Powder Day?
- It’s typical for racers to high-five, or hug/give pats on the back, etc. and congratulate each other in the finish corral right after a race where they were just trying to beat each other through the course.  Racers often share travel and lodging space with their competitors and the racing community is like a big extended family.  At events you regularly witness coaches, competitors and families rooting for the success of their fellow athletes and colleagues.  Does everyone want to win?  Yes, but other athletes performing better means an individual’s efforts must be elevated to compete at the same or higher level. 
Congrats at the End of a Race
Athletes From the Same Competition Celebrating After 2014 USASA Nationals Awards
**Quick point of clarification, though injuries and collisions do happen, they are not the result of intentional efforts to harm fellow competitors.  Everyone wants to get across the finish line first and uninjured, otherwise they can’t continue racing or go back to work on Monday!**
If You See This Happening in Your Gym Ask How You Can Get Involved! 
Are you looking for something to train for, to provide more meaning to your snow sliding existence?  Do you want to be part of a ‘semi-underground’ community that participates in regular, intense competitive activities?  Would you like to fly down a racecourse all to the amazement and awe of chairlift riders passing by overhead?  If your answer is yes, sign up for a local USASA SBX or SX Race in your region and see what it’s like – then you too can be part of the “Fight Club on snow”. 

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