Saturday, July 7, 2012

Who is Your Coach? Part #2

Be sure to read Part #1.
Is your "Coach" really interested in what you're doing?
But what about the qualities you want to see demonstrated by your coach?  I often recognized them when I observed friends/colleagues training their clients, though I never put the characteristics down in words.  I just knew someone had what it takes from watching the way they worked with/talked to their clients or from what they did for their own training. These trainers weren't just avoiding the poor characteristics, they were active, interested partners in their clients' success and enjoyment. 

I’ve had a several instances in my career through clinics or with one-on-one training where I’ve realized during the session, though most often after, what great coaching I just enjoyed.  The colleagues/friends who demonstrated these qualities were always living examples of how I wanted to conduct myself as a coach.  The new breakthroughs, concepts grasped and overall experiences created for me were exactly what I wanted to share with my clients.