Monday, December 8, 2014

Fight Club on Snow - Part 1

If you’ve seen the cult classic movie, “Fight Club”, then you are already familiar with some themes the characters embrace:
          -       A routine opportunity to fight recreationally
          -       A chance to break out of the mundane, humdrum life and have ‘real living experiences’ (beyond just being a consumer that lacks a soul, that’s part of a soft and lazy culture)
          -       Development of strong bonds and camaraderie built through intense competition (fighters would routinely hug and thank each other after bouts)

In addition, there were generally two reactions to learning about Fight Club and/or interacting with one of its members:
          -       After watching one (fight) you want to join in
          -       Confusion from co-workers and colleagues as to exactly what it is they were doing (and why) with their weekends/nights
Eager Crowd Waiting to Hit the Course

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Friday, October 10, 2014

Client Success Story

Before relating one of my client’s success stories, I want to describe a few standards I follow when training and working with people:
-     It’s my experience that no matter how great you perform in the gym, none of that matters if your improved strength, endurance, etc. does not translate to results outside of the gym.
-     I also believe that one’s overall health and wellbeing are just as important as their sport specific goals and achievements.  You should look and be (inside and out) a real example of fitness, health and athleticism.

Both these ideas match with my business mission:
Develop/administer effective, creative, specific and safe exercise programs/training sessions to help my clients achieve their personal health/fitness, athletic performance and competition goals.
Ale Getting SBX Ready