Monday, January 26, 2015

Fight Club on Snow - Part 2

Be sure to read Part #1.

Unfortunately the media hasn’t really helped foster better understanding of our sports by describing Boardercross (and Skicross) as the NASCAR of snowsports – this analogy is completely wrong by the way – and I can offer up a few sports that make for a much more accurate comparison (read more about this topic on a previous post).  Even though these sports are, and have been in the Olympics since 2006 (SBX) and 2010 (SX), most people are not totally clear on what races are like and know even less about the athletes who compete in each discipline.
You Actually Tune Your Own Boards?

Monday, December 8, 2014

Fight Club on Snow - Part 1

If you’ve seen the cult classic movie, “Fight Club”, then you are already familiar with some themes the characters embrace:
          -       A routine opportunity to fight recreationally (think: physical outlet for competitive efforts)
          -       A chance to break out of the mundane, humdrum life and have ‘real living experiences’ (beyond just being a consumer that lacks a soul, that’s part of a soft and lazy culture)
          -       Development of strong bonds and camaraderie built through intense competition (fighters would routinely hug and thank each other after bouts)

In addition, there were generally two reactions to learning about Fight Club and/or interacting with one of its members:
          -       After watching one (fight) you want to join in
          -       Confusion from co-workers and colleagues as to exactly what it is they were doing (and why) with their weekends/nights
Eager Crowd Waiting to Hit the Course