Sunday, October 27, 2013

Product Reviews and Recommendations

Periodically I will post product reviews and recommendations.  Understand that the reason I’m sharing the information is that I actually use and have benefitted from the highlighted item/shop.  These companies do not pay me, nor am I under any contractual agreement to advertise for them.  These are my own experiences and opinions.  My thought is that you can have an improved training and/or on-snow experience by utilizing the products/services I discuss.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Pre-Season Conditioning

How’s your pre-season conditioning going?  I just finished up the second wave (8-day cycle) of the first round of my pre-season conditioning (PSC) phase and feel really good.  I enjoy the extra work that’s involved this time of year:  increased frequency of Plyometrics, Balance Work, Olympic Lifts and even the Metabolic/Conditioning aspects are fun too.

I can tell from recent Twitter/Facebook video posts that a lot of other athletes around the globe are in PSC mode as well.  To be totally prepared for the snow season one needs to be at peak levels in strength, endurance, speed, power, balance, agility/coordination and mental focus, especially for competition settings.  If you’re not addressing all these needs in your PSC program you need a new program and maybe a new coach. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

20-Minute Squats

Over the past several weeks Ive been working with a supplement company (Generation UCAN) to finalize a partnership and subsequent affiliation.  I started using their pre-workout nutrition about a month before the 2013 USASA Nationals and have experienced great results.  I had hoped to make the announcement in my next (this) blog post, but all the final details and webpage stuff (where you can purchase at a discount, etc.) arent quite dialed in yet.  In the mean time enjoy this 20-minute squat article and keep an eye out for the upcoming supplement news.