Sunday, March 22, 2015

2015 USASA SBX Race Update

This has been an unusually warm and dry race season - luckily no races have been cancelled, but all of the scheduled practice days at Ski Cooper were scratched.  Speaking of which, Ski Cooper was a new race venue and provided a fairly technical course with over 20 features (even with the low snow totals). 
Ski Cooper Course Start
Ski Cooper Start Section
The Copper Course is in a new location on the mountain and as usual was in solid shape for all our competitions.
View From the Start of the Copper Course
I’ve participated in 5 of 6 Rocky Mountain Series Races and taken home Gold after each.  There hasn’t been as many Legend Division competitors this year, so many of my Finals have been Mash-Up’s with other age divisions.  This scenario is not ideal, but it gives me the chance to race in a heat with 4 competitors instead of 2, and it’s fun to race against younger age groups (and win).
US Olympic Medalist, Alex Deibold, Handing Out the Medals
At Ski Cooper we raced 2 Masters (30 – 39 y.o.) and 2 Legends (40 – 49 y.o.).  At Copper they lined up 2 Adaptive, 1 Masters and 1 Legend during the first race weekend and for the last race, 1 Senior (23 – 29 y.o.), 1 Masters, 1 Legend and 1 Methuselah (60+ y.o.) (both of these Copper mash-up’s are on the video).  Experienced some GoPro issues throughout the year so I wasn’t able to get as much race footage as normal, and as a result, the highlight reel is kind of short.

Currently getting geared up for Nationals which is just under 2 weeks away.  Work-out’s are going well and I’m looking forward to SBX Practice Days this week.  Check back shortly for updates on all the Nationals activities and results.
Nationals Prep is Going Strong

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