Tuesday, May 14, 2013

2013 USASA SBX Racing Year-end Review #3

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Practice…practice…practice; we finally had time and decent conditions to put in some real solid on-snow training.  There was one race day left at Holiday Valley and then the next event would be Nationals out at Copper Mountain, CO.  The idea was to focus on a few technical riding skills that needed improvement and use the upcoming New York races as a ‘mock’ Nationals.  Even though everyone was excited to gear up for Nationals and do as much racing practice as possible, it was important to maintain some level of balance and keep up with the gym training too.
Coach Jb With Some TGU Action
Ale and Gray were making good progress throughout the practice sessions.  Some of their efforts are highlighted in the first video.  With Nationals on our minds, our practice work progressively had more focus, intensity and purpose.   

As an added bonus, SBX Pro Nick Langkamp, visited PA and joined us for a training session at the Springs.  We all took a ton of video from this day (you can see the action from everyone’s point of view separately with each video) and it was a great opportunity to follow a pro through the same terrain we practice on as well as do some hard-core video analysis.  Each of us was inspired to push beyond former boundaries from riding along side Nick.  For example, this was the first time Ale consistently cleared the 4th jump in the Alley (actually her first attempt at the jump!).

Big thanks to Nick for riding, videoing and offering analysis throughout the day.
End of a Great Day Riding With Nick Langkamp
Part #4 coming soon….

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