Saturday, April 27, 2013

2013 USASA SBX Racing Year-end Review #1

If you can believe it, this winter had a worse start than last season: lots of rain and not-so-cold temps well into mid-December.  Though disappointing, especially after a big snow at the end of October, it did provide for an extended pre-season conditioning portion to the workout schedule.  So at least our bodies were in great shape at the start of the season.
Boards Ready to Go Fast!
Once we got on snow for practice after the holidays, there wasn’t much time to get the legs and mind into top race condition.  You can see the limited snow in the start of video #1.  We had our first races of the year postponed due to the poor weather and the 2nd round of races were in jeopardy until we finally got some snow and cold weather.  So practice days were sparse and it took a little time to knock the rust off when we hit Holiday Valley, NY for the first competition of 2013.  The good news is there was steady improvement and faster speeds on the course by the time we got to Race #3 + #4 on Sunday.  The athletes had a really strong practice session prior to the races that day as well.  A quick video note, due to camera issues there’s no race footage for Ale.

The weather at Holiday Valley was cold, overcast, spitting snow and sometimes sunny.  It was nice to have snow and for it to finally feel like winter.  Ale and Gray did a great job all weekend long.  This was Ale’s 3rd year racing and Gray’s 1st season of competition.  Having both athletes there, practicing each morning and racing all day, really created a neat ‘team’ feel to the weekend.
Ale @ the Top
Gray Ready to Rock

It was cool to have support from ‘Team Canada’ throughout the weekend too.  They decided to adopt us and were cheering loud and ringing their cowbells every race.  Another element making the trip worthwhile was the dedicated, full-length SBX Course at Holiday Valley.  Nothing like hitting a course right off the bat that’s as long as what we would experience at Nationals.  Lots of features through the entire length of the course provided for a real test of how prepared our bodies were from the off-season gym training.  Much discussion on the way home about how helpful and fun it would be to have a dedicated SBX (and SX) course situated on a local mountain.
Coach Jb on the Podium
4 Golds Each to Start the Season
Dinner 'Message' Matched the Weekend Events
Coming soon, Part 2….

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