Sunday, May 5, 2013

2013 USASA SBX Racing Year-end Review #2

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The next competition was in our home region, the Appalachian Series, with Wisp Resort in Maryland hosting the 2 re-scheduled races (postponed earlier in the season due to bad conditions/weather).  Besides steady improvement with technical riding, our other main goal for the event was to qualify for Nationals.  If each athlete could win gold in both races they’d get an automatic bid for Nationals by being the Series Champion.
Gray Was a Big Raffle Winner Too
Even though the weather had improved greatly and there was plenty of snow on the slopes, our schedule was still hectic and it felt like we had no time to practice before the races.  The good news was that after the Wisp event we’d have a more reasonable amount of time to prepare for our final Regional races at Holiday Valley and then gear up for a strong run at Nationals.

The course at Wisp was pretty straightforward and fast and, with cold temps all day long, held up really well.  Ale and Gray ended up racing with each other and against different age groups, as they were the only ones in their respective age divisions.  Kind of a bummer that there wasn’t any direct competition for them, but they did each take Gold and wrapped up the Series Championship bid for Nationals.  The other competitors in the video were from a slightly older age group (Men’s Jams, 18 – 22) and a younger age group (Junior Women, 16 – 17).  So with 4 in the gate for each heat, it still felt like a real race and Ale and Gray were able to practice with outside competition, which doesn’t happen too often.
2 More Golds for the Mountain Athletes
Coach Jb had to contend with only one competitor this time (compared to 3 in NY), but the races were fast and the Series Championship was on the line.  After the day was done, Jb ended up winning every heat and, like Ale and Gray, also qualified for Nationals.
Coach Jb On Course to a Nationals Bid
There was a little surprise waiting for everyone when we returned to the home base at Seven Springs – a celebration pizza party with Village Pizza, quite possibly the best pizza on the planet.  Everyone was stoked from the event; excited to have their Nationals bid on the way and had no trouble jamming some pizza after a long day of racing.
You Can Smell the Goodness From Just the Picture!
Part #3 coming soon… 

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