Friday, October 10, 2014

Client Success Story

Before relating one of my client’s success stories, I want to describe a few standards I follow when training and working with people:
-     It’s my experience that no matter how great you perform in the gym, none of that matters if your improved strength, endurance, etc. does not translate to results outside of the gym.
-     I also believe that one’s overall health and wellbeing are just as important as their sport specific goals and achievements.  You should look and be (inside and out) a real example of fitness, health and athleticism.

Both these ideas match with my business mission:
Develop/administer effective, creative, specific and safe exercise programs/training sessions to help my clients achieve their personal health/fitness, athletic performance and competition goals.
Ale Getting SBX Ready
Ale was mainly interested in learning to race Boardercross.  She asked me to be her Coach, telling me in our first meeting, that she had never raced before. She was signed up for her first race in less than 2 weeks and was just getting back to snowboarding after a previous severe riding injury.

There was a lot to learn, and no time to waste.

She qualified for USASA Nationals that year (taking 4th) and then started to train with me in the gym to get physically and mentally ready for the next race season.

At 5’11” and starting at 185# , wearing a women’s pant size 12, Ale completely transformed her body, ending up at 174# wearing a women’s pant size 6.  She built a solid base of strength and muscle and became much leaner in the process of training during the off-seasons.
Training Results = Happy
Besides being in the best athletic shape of her life, as a result of training and following my nutritional recommendations, she also received her best blood work stats in years from a routine work physical.
Finishing 1st at 2014 Nationals
So far, she’s won numerous Regional USASA SBX Gold Medals in the Appalachian Series, Western NY Series and Snow Ohio Series.  Last year she won Silver at USASA Nationals in Copper Mountain, Colorado and this year she won Gold.  On the way to the airport after the Gold Medal photo shoot, she texted:
“…just thinking about the past few yeas…I am so freakin’ happy with this medal.  Thank you so much for everything, and I’m looking forward to continued improvement with my riding…
On the Top Podium at 2014 Nationals
Right now, she and husband Nick are expecting their first child.  After which she’ll have plenty of time to get back into competition shape to defend her Nationals SBX Gold.  And in a few years, she expects to be the first Mother/Daughter pair to win USASA Nationals SBX Gold in the same year!

Her Doctor is extremely happy with her health and that she’s sticking to a workout plan during the pregnancy.
“Having you develop a specific plan to help keep my body in the best shape possible, while paying attention to the new stresses it’s undergoing, and keeping both athlete and baby safe, has been amazing for me both physically and mentally….and I don’t even think these words capture how grateful and thankful I am that you’re my Coach.”
Happy Soon-to-Be Mom
Ale has worked extremely hard in the gym and on the snow, overcoming several injuries (broken shoulder and wrist in separate seasons – you can see the cast in her podium picture), and all the while continued to train and work toward her goals.  She’s a great example of what it means to be a Mountain Athlete.

If Ale’s story has inspired you to pursue your own fitness goals, contact me today to start training and experience your own physical transformation. 

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