Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mustache March, Hockey Playoff Beards, a Mohawk and Staying Committed (Dealing with Success) Part 1

It all began last March with a visit to Colorado for USASA Nationals at Copper Mountain.  “Mustache March” was in full swing and I just happened to have 3.5 weeks where I didn’t have to shave - so I joined in the fun.  I kept everything going for a good 2.5 weeks and when it was clear the beard wasn’t quite happening I reduced it to just the mustache and even that looked a little sketchy.
Mustache March in Full Swing
I’ve always respected the idea and symbolism behind NHL Playoff beards (which now has spread to fans and even inspired a charity effort: watch video here) and wish my efforts looked more like Max Talbot rather than Sidney Crosby. 

Burly beards have become increasingly popular in other sports as well with Brett Keisel from the NFL (see pics here), James Harden of the NBA (click name for pic) and Brian Wilson from MLB (click for pic) all being fine examples.

That’s about enough commentary on beards in sports and my lack of ability to grow a respectable playoff version.  After returning home it was time to assess the previous year’s performance and determine what improvements were necessary.  Though I did very well in local races, even beating some younger age groups at an event in Ohio, my results at Nationals weren’t up to expectations.  My strength and size were where I wanted to be at the beginning of race season, but I ended up loosing ground in both categories over the winter.  I needed to regain and improve upon what I already had last year and do a better job with consistent training and eating during competition season.  I also had a desire to improve my speed and conditioning leading up to and throughout the winter. If I wanted to achieve my goals for Nationals, there was lots of work ahead of me.  Thankfully there was plenty of time to get it all done.

Part 2 Coming Soon...

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