Sunday, February 12, 2012

Final 2012 USASA SBX Local Series Results

It was a little different experience this weekend at Snow Trails, OH for the last set of local USASA SBX races.  And by different, I mean it was actually winter again.  Cold temps, fresh snow and a fun course with 5-person heats made for a really enjoyable day of competition (Kudo's to Pete and his staff with the USASA Snow Ohio Region for running the event).            
Ale of Haleakala Racing (see Athlete Bio Page), who's already qualified for Nationals, used the starts as a tune-up and prep for the big event and won 2 more Gold Medals for her collection.  She took on competitors from a younger age group (Jams 18-22) besides riding against her own (Masters 30-39).  Other than one slip-up (finishing 5th), Ale showed solid consistency taking a 3rd, two 2nd place and two 1st place finishes during her other heats.  See video of a few of Ale's races here.

Coach Jb of the Mountain Athlete also raced in a mixed group, lining up against 2 different younger age categories (Jams 18-22 and Senior 23-29) as well as his age class (Masters 30-39).  He placed 1st in 4 of 6 heats throughout the day, earning 2 Gold Medals for the effort.

As of 2-12-12, both Ale and Jb are ranked #1 nationally in the Masters Age Division (look up real-time USASA National Rankings here).  Next stop: USASA Nationals in Copper Mountain, CO!

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